Disabilities in General
AUCD, the Association of University Centers on Disabilities, is a nonprofit organization that promotes and supports the national network of university centers on disabilities, which includes University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service (UCEDD), Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) Programs and Developmental Disabilities Research Centers (DDRC).
Developmental Disabilities, Including Mental Retardation
The Arc of The United States is the national organization of and for people with mental retardation and related developmental disabilities and their families. They have chapters all around the country.

The AAMR promotes progressive policies, sound research, effective practices, and universal human rights for people with intellectual disabilities., detailed resource directory for people with mental retardation, families, and professionals. Based in the Philadelphia region.

Chromosome Deletion Outreach, Inc. (CDO), a nonprofit organization providing support and information to families affected by rare chromosome disorders.
Siblings of People with Special Needs
Rachel Simon, Author of Riding The Bus With My Sister

The Sibling Support Project. Run by the very energetic and caring Don Meyer, the Sibling Support Project is a national program dedicated to the interests of brothers and sisters of people with special health and developmental needs. They provide support for sibs of all ages, including the listservs SibNet, for adult sibs, and SibKids, for younger sibs. They also link you to Don Meyer’s books about sibs, including Living With A Brother Or Sister With Special Needs and Views From Our Shoes. SibNet has been a very supportive online community for me. Services for siblings of children with special needs. Based in Australia, though very helpful for sibs anywhere. You can also learn more about the book by Kate Strohm, Siblings: Brothers and Sisters of Children with Special Needs.

There are also some wonderful books about the sibling experience, including Special Siblings by Mary McHugh, available at; The Ride Together, by Judy and Paul Karasik; and books by Don Meyer (see the Sibling Support Project, above).

The Sibling Support Network in Japan. This is a Web site put up by Yasuko Arima which also includes good links to sites in the U.S.

The Kent Jacobs Foundation. The Kent Jacobs Foundation, run by Kent’s sister, is dedicated to raising public awareness of the phenomenon of missing persons who have developmental disabilities, a category overlooked by the agencies that deal with missing children and missing adults. Kent Jacobs, who disappeared in North Caroline on March 10, 2002, is still missing.

Wakefield Press. The siblings of children with special needs are often the forgotten ones in families struggling to cope with the demands of having a child with a disability or chronic illness. Kate Strohm's book Siblings finally gives these sisters and brothers a voice. Kate, who has a sister with cerebral palsy, bravely shares her own story, and the stories of other siblings who struggle with their feelings of resentment, guilt, grief and isolation. She also explores how these difficulties can manifest in adulthood as depression, anxiety and other psychological problems, and gives detailed strategies for coping and coming to terms with these feelings.

Sibs. This website is a friendly, comprehensive site that serves siblings of all ages in the UK.
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