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Without Apology received the juried award for Best Feature Documentary at the BAC International Film Festival (May 14, 2005)
Without Apology wins second place as Best Feature Documentary in the "Hearts and Minds" Film Festival in Wilmington Delaware
"An honest, tender, must-see documentary for anyone who cares about people with significant cognitive disabilities and their families, Without Apology tells a tale once lived by thousands but until now revealed by few.  By focusing on the emotional struggles that she and her own parents endured when, desperate for services, they sent her brother Alan to an institution, Susan Hamovitch reveals one family's experience in the days when solutions were scarce and shame was plentiful.  The result is a heart-rendering gem of history, biography, and self-reflection—and the triumph of truth over secrets."
Rachel Simon, author, Riding the Bus with My Sister

"Without Apology is an important piece—a story both familiar and surprising.  Susan Hamovitch has created a significant work."
Karyl Caplan, Executive Director, ARC of Rockland

"Eloquent, powerful and complex."
Leonard Quart, contributing editor, Cineaste

"Susan Hamovitch's extraordinary film chronicles the impact on a family when, on the best medical advice available in the 1950s, an eight-year-old brother is disappeared from the life of his devoted six-year-old sister.  We follow Ms. Hamovitch as she tries to make sense of her family's past, arranges for her brother's current care, and plans for his future.  In doing so, Without Apology creates an invaluable starting point for difficult—but necessary—discussions of where we've been, where we are, and where we must go as we care for our most vulnerable citizens.  It's a remarkable achievement, a testament to love without apologies, and a film you won't soon forget."
Don Meyer, Director, Sibling Support Project of The Arc of the United States

"I just think your film has such an amazing capacity to benefit professionals working with atypically developing individuals and their families.  And, I think it has the ability to help change social policy.  I would really love to see schools of Social Work (and special education...and... so many others) utilize your film—all over the country."
Janet Garretson, Social Worker, University of Washington

"Thank you for bringing Without Apology into my life and into the lives of so many others. It is a treasure and a magnificent contribution."
Jan Valle, Professor, Department of Disability Studies, City College, City University of New York
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